The live of Auda.Edit

His birth was something amazing.Edit

So sayeth the keeper of Funnyjunk's /anime/'s history: The Dear plebian Auda was born inside of a log cabin beneath Funnyjunk's most sacred mountain, where upon the moment he came into this world, a shooting star brought forth a spontaneous change from winter to summer, and for the icing on the birthday cake: A double rainbow.

He cured dwarfism.

In 2012, Funnyjunk held something known as the admin is a fag. Out of kindness, the Dear Auda invented a miracle cure for “shortness” and handed out pamphlets to recruit any pint-sized Funny Junkers to receive treatment prior to the event.

The dwarfism vaccine turned out to be a nice dose of deportation to uninhabited boards, effectively removing the short folks from the gene pool.

Auda becomes the world's largest buyer of Johnnie Walker and El Dorado.Edit

Much like Irish people, Scottish people and Russian people, Auda was a vivid drinker, so he imports approximately $750.000 worth of alcoholic beverages each 24 hours. In fact: He is the biggest single buyer of Johnnie Walker and El Dorado.

Activities on the board.Edit

Common activies of Auda on the board consist of:

  • Photoshop threads (do not contain Leal)
  • Random threads
  • Shitposts

Common facts about Auda

  • He never pooped (perhaps that contributed to his awesome health).
  • He wrote over 1,500 books in a three year time-span.
  • He wrote six full operas that are considered by experts to be the best six operas ever created.
  • The first time he played golf in 1994, he shot 11 hole-in-ones and was 38 under par (verified by all of his bodyguards, no less). From there, he nearly always shot several hole-in-ones any time he golfed.
  • He began walking at just three weeks old and could fluently speak at just eight weeks old.
  • People the world over receive plastic surgery to try to look more like him His hair and clothing styles are also widely mimicked.
  • His birthday is highly celebrated throughout the world.
  • He had the ability to control the weather and it usually reflected his moods.
  • He invented hamburgers as a way to provide a new tasty food for his awesome people.
  • He is 20% helium.
  • In the bible it is mentioned that if Auda would have had a cat he would call it Chairman Miauw.