We watch it for the plot...

Highschool of the Dead also known as "how the fuck can you possibly ruin a zombie apocalypse anime" is an anime very known for it's deep plot and very well executed flat chested characters with great personalities. KwMclovin is probably the only known member who likes Highschool of The Dead.

It is hypothesized that Highschool of the Dead was engineered to slowly force the anime community into turmoil, by none other than the criminal mastermind, Leal.


The anime is set in an alternate universe where apparently every single girl has law defying pudding boobs and are each extremely skilled in being able to be a genocidal murderer before they reach adulthood, they also love to take baths with eachother rubbing their massive tits with soap and getting horny from plants while being deserted on an island....oh yeah and something with zombies.


Takashi Komuro - Random closet homosexual who refuses to take advantage of a motherfucking harem of sluts. Got friendzoned and owns a baseball bat.

Kohta Hirano - Alpha as fuck Gun otaku, many agree that this is the only reason to watch this

Fanservice girl 1

Fanservice girl 2

Fanservice girl 3

Fanservice girl 4

Peeing Loli - Bear Grylls favorite character


The anime is mostly praised by 12 year old virgins for using alot of plot to compensate for their lack of originality and characters being emotionally comparable to a sack of salt.