apparently the gods of Jewish animation, most of /anime/ worships kyoani as thier god and savoiur and can be seen sacraficing lives to their unholy god. having countless titles as haruhi, K-ON!, hyouka, clannad, etc. the list can go on and on for about one page.

  • kyoani are also to be considered massive trolls next to gainax and thier PSG trolling as they did endless 8, a horrible arc in which the tsundere god of the show, haruhi wishes summer lasts forever and IT DOES. well, until kyon says some stupid shit as in hey lets do homework (or something like that) and nagato, who replayed the whole summer about 100000 times didnt say shit just because her objective is to "observe". well, i can pretty much sum up the endless 8 arc as being a massive failure and painful to watch.
  • K-ON is an anime in which there is no story, no plot, but plenty of moe! this anime requires moe as the backbone selling point of the anime. i mean, who wouldnt want to watch cute girls play guitar while dressing up, absolutely no one.
  • clannad is one of the most popular anime on the anime board despite being a huge piece of forced drama dump
  • hyouka A.K.A. "Absolutely Nothing: The Anime" is a school anime in which the 4 crew classics, including an overly autistic girl named Chitanda and her club go around solving cute little mysteries. ofcourse, this isnt as bad as the way they solve it and the complexity of the mysteries are quite intresting. the animation style in this anime is outstanding as every little detail is so perfect. even the backgrounds as a trashcan next to a fan has its wrinkes in 1080p hidef full color.
  • lucky star is an anime that mainly focusses on comedy and anime references rather than a deep plot but you'll watch it anyways
  • nichijou is an extremely mediocre anime who thinks being random as fuck is funny and it is
  • there is a new kyoani project in the works by the name of Chū-2 Byō Demo Koi ga Shitai! this anime is apparently a romance based off of a novel by Torako, a winner of some competition that kyoani held due to thier massive egos. there is not much info on this anime yet other than the heroin uses an eyepatch (for no particular reason other than that she has a yellow eye for the moment) and its anime style is a bit like all of the anime that kyoani has made and a little bit of oreimo. the heroin also wears gauze around her arm and has very generic moe characteristics.
  • Kyoani has been often overpraised by given head by /anime/ for it's quality and therefor it's anime have reached the status of "hurr durr it's popular therefor i don't like it" by buttmad hipsters who have taste