LordKetchup is one of the oldfags of the A&M board, if you can call anyone from a young-as-fuck board old.


LordKetchup craves the condiment ketchup and loves to swallow it like semen. His waifu is (the late) Kagami Hiiragi whom he is obessed about, it is unknown who his husbando is but there are rumors that it is Leal. He is often called different sauces which angers him incredibly.


Lordketchup's favorite anime's are as followed

  • Boku no Pico
  • Pico to Chico
  • Pico x CoCo x Chico

He watches these anime's everyday and faps to it ferociously


LordKetchup was born in the summer of 1927 in the fires of the vesuvius, It is there where he aquired his incredible craving for ketchup. During World War 2 LordKetchup was responsible of defending Stockholm from the Roman empire. He unfortunately got shot by a laser cannon and lost both his legs.

In 1980 he managed to invent a way to make legs out of ketchup. This achievement made him world famous and people rejoiced him as a hero. With his new ketchup legs he was now able to participate in the war of the Holy Grail. Through sheer misfortune he managed to obtain Rider, who's true identity was LordMayonnaise. This let to an internal conflict which made him lose both his arms.

In 1995 he regained his arms and he inmediatly married his first wife Asuza. Azusa unfortunatly turned out to be lesbian thus the marriage was over rather quickly. Later on in 2012 he married Kagami Hiiragi to whom he is still married, there are rumors that Kagami is lesbian with a certain individual called Konata(fuck you konata)

Ketchup had, due to the loss of his first wife, alot of gambling problems and he had alot of debts. He was therefore doing forced labour making mustard. The agony made him go ballistic and he killed every single one of his creditor and he used their blood to make a new brand of ketchup. This ketchup brand is called Heinz Tomato Ketchup.


Ketchup founded the AnimeJunk Steam Group, on June 19, 2012, after Noir had suggested the idea.