Lucky Star - 06 - Large 13


Lucky Star is an anime about 4 jailbait girls who look 8 year old but are claimed to be 17 years so that the common weeaboo can still aggresivly masturbate to them. The anime is mostly known for having no plot or anything interesting whatsoever but that gets overshadowed by the fact that all the girls resemble typical otaku's so that the audience can pretend girls would ever be like that. Manly as fuck


Just kidding Lucky Star doesn't have one


Haruhi Suzumiya Konata Izumi - The ADHD flat chest otaku who is often claimed to be "the greatest protagonist evuurrrrrr" she spends most of her time playing MMO's, schlicking to pictures taken of Kagami in the shower and being an obnoxious bitch people tend to confuse as cute.

Kagami Hiiragi - Kagami is a typical tsundere which makes her SOOO KAWAII. Her primary objective in the series is being a nerdy, religious, seriousbitch making her apperantly the perfect yuri couple for miss ADHD. In 2012 she got raped and murdered by lordketchup. >murder my own waifu

Tsukasa Hiiragi - The twin sister of Kagami and basicly being her polar opposite. Instead of being an organized bitch she is a dumbshit with the attention span of a cucumber.

Miyuki Takara - Wait a Lucky Star character with boobs? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

Kamina - He's a badass

L - He is da bes

Lelouch - a cool faggot like Frieddie Mercury

Taiga - a Tsundere