Quattro's first coment was after that giantic winged faggot, Leal, got the first get. From then on, Quattro was a regular poster, bringing joy and hope as a role model to straight men everywhere, replying to people as much as he could, but one day Quattro had to leave for vacation, and he stayed in a apartment, where there was no internet, it was really homo. After that no internet month fail of a vacation Quattro returned to his laptop, but before he could return to the thread, he watched hentai and took himself to pleasure town Relentlessly, I'm not gonna say which hentai it was, but it was hot. Now he could only post for two more weeks before he returned to that shithole of an apartment. On August 2nd, 2012, Quattro returned, except instead of Kenshiro, he donned Hibari Kyoya as his mascot. Since returning Quattro has met the newfriends that joined since he was away, and has befriended some of them such as Auda and Toguro, he has also made a rival, FailMaster, calling his mascot, Haruhi Suzumiya, a "weak looking god" and that she should return to her home on Whore Island. Then everybody died, the end.


As Hibari as his mascot, Quattro is always looking for a fight,always saying to people"I'll Bite You to Death" , to keep his bloodlust at ease, or else he would go on a mass Rape spree, he can also be caring, but is hardly seen showing that, he also thinks Bananas are cool, so dont collect THE DAMN BANANAS!


In their Free Time, Quattro and Toguro give themselves a 30 minute time limit to kill as much People (Men,Women,Children,etc.) as they can, their highest Kill count was 48,692