He became active right as he made his account. He started making friends with people on /anime/, starting by creating a standard "give me thumbs so I can post images" thread. He was joined by his previous right-hand man, Drillfuel, now going by the name Greeling.

The plan? To see what all the ruckus was about, why did these weaklings care so much about Kanade? Why was this retarded shit important to them?

Slamakans and Greeling mocked about for a while, and eventually started chatting with some Chinese dude (American as well so he knew English thank god wew) named Synthus (code name: Snuffus-kun), and shit happened.

Slamakans and Greeling also made friends with a couple of Swedish dudes, LordKetchup and Geobeo, and met up with LordKetchup, The-Man-With-Many-Names (aka Detram), and Cheko (aka ikingdabsy) in Stockholm and went to some weeb convention. Detram almost died but it was all-in-all pretty good.

They met Geobeo for the first time about a year later and shortly after that they both smoked their first weed together with Geobeo and LordKetchup. They almost got lost where Slamakans lives, and Geobeo and Slamakans totally saw a fox, but LordKetchup and Greeling are just retarded and deny that there ever was a fox.

Ausloli-chan (aka Chiko, aka Tortalis) gets a mention simply because Slamakans would've totally hit that had she not been living in Australia. Greeling would've gotten pegged by her while Slamakans rampaged inside her butt.

Now Slamakans goes under the name Areancoconut and rarely visits FJ at all. Greeling stayed as Greeling.