Board User Trainerredd

Denizens of /anime/ witnessing the destruction caused by one of Redd's raids.

Trainerredd (currently posting under the alias NotRedd) is a poster on the Funnyjunk /anime/ board, and on the AnimeJunk Steam Group. He was also a female mute or something


Redd first joined the /anime/ board in late 2012, when he was wondering about the FunnyJunk boards.  During his first days on the /anime/ board he made off-topics posts, and received backlash from the community because of it.  In retaliation, Redd ordered his favourite dicks from the /gay/ board to raid  /anime/, which resulted a gay orgy amongst the invaders

After some time, however, the raids on /anime/ became less frequent, eventually stopping all together. Similarly, board wide disdain for Redd quieted down, and peace otherwise resumed. Redd's lust for dicks remained.

However, an anonymous hero later brought vengeance down upon Redd, thumbing downs hundreds of his comments to negative 10 votes. Redd eventually took preventative measures, such as blocking his page to non-friends, and eventually deleting the offending comments all together.

He's also a fucking whore who can't stop sucking dick. Currently the record holder on the animeboard with over 10000 confirmed dicksuckings.